Skyrocket Your Success:

Avoid The 5 Massive Mistakes That
Destroy Your Confidence


Date & Time:

Saturday, ​May 4th

@ 11:00 am

You Will Learn...

The 5 Massive Mistakes that destroy your confidence and prevent you from living your best life. 

6-pillar system that helps you create confidence for any situation. Such unshakable confidence will skyrocket your success. 

How to fully Be Who You Want to Be AND Do What You Want to Do - Why? because the world is waiting for you to share your unique gifts. 

Ozro Hepworth

Hi, I’m Ozro

About Me - The Host

After hitting rock bottom, I found myself lost in depression and devoid of any self-confidence or belief in my ability to succeed.

To get myself out of such a state, I created a positivity video everyday for over 551 days. That process helped me get my groove back.

 I know the struggle of self-doubt and not feeling good enough. I know the frustration that comes from failing so hard you just want to quit. 

Thanks to my own journey through utter failure, I've also found a way to create confidence on command, for any situation. 

Oh yeah, I love snicker doodle cookies and have a 108-degree black belt in coffee drinking.

Do You Want...

  • To eliminate self-doubt
  • Overcome criticism
  • Dissolve self-judgement
  • Find your purpose
  • Boost your confidence
  • Impact the world

If you answered YES to one or more of these results, this webinar is for you. 

You know what you're worth, it is time for you to admit it to yourself.

It's time for you to develop the confidence to step fully into your purpose and live a life full of passion.

Learn the 5 Confidence Destroyers

Eliminate disappointment, doubt, sabotage and fear of failure. 

​Stop beating yourself up for things out of your control AND start seeing your value. 

Learn a 6-Pillar Confidence Formula

A practical system that incorporates the mind, body, and emotions. 

It's not just about talking-the-talk. it's about walking-the-walk.

Kimberly Poquiz

My sessions with Ozro gave me a different perspective about being confident. It taught me how to love myself more and identify what I’m worth and what I deserve. I also loved being a part of such a supportive and empowering community that uplifts one another.

Kim P. 
- College Student

Bronson Nishikida

I really enjoyed Ozro's tailored experience on gaining confidence at your pace and finding your own unique strategy. He provides a very personal yet professional experience. I also value the access to a community of people who can support each other. 

Bronson N. 
- NLP Coach

Bianca Diana

Each session with Ozro feels hyper-focused and structured even when he's going with the flow (which helps me feel relaxed). The attention and voice he gives to all aspects of my SELF make me feel heard and understood. Even when the sessions go deep, there's an element of fun! 

Bianca D. 
- Lifestyle Coach

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Date & Time:

Saturday, ​May 4th

@ 11:00 am

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Reserve your spot NOW and join me for this live webinar. 

I will give you the tools need to create confidence in any situation.