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Make Positivity Louder Challenge

​5 Days to Build a Healthy, Strong, Positive Mindset and Lifestyle

​It Takes LESS Than 3 Minutes ​per Day 🙂


  • 1 x Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)
  • ​1 x ​$25 Amazon Gift Card
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Positivity People who have taken the challenge = 48/100

How It Works

  • ​The challenge officially starts on ​June 27, 2018.
  • ​You must opt-in using the email form on this page.
  • ​You will post a video, photo, or infographic that has a positive ​message to your Instagram each day of the challenge.
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    ​To win 1 of 3 PRIZES, you must follow all the guidelines of this challenge. 
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    At the end of the 7-day challenge, all eligible ​participants will be entered into a raffle. Three winners will be randomly chosen.

​Hello Positivity People,

Please call me Oz - yes like the Wizard of Oz! I'm passionate about making the world a better place using my skills as a social media and digital marketing expert. In fact, I believe it's part of my calling. In addition to my mad skills in social media marketer, I inspire others to live their best life by showing them how to ​Make Positivity Louder​ - #MPLchallenge. 

​I also provide consulting services to business owners who want to increase their monthly revenue ​through their social media ​accounts.  ​

​I completed my 365-Day Make Positivity Louder Challenge on February 12, 2018, and decided to keep it going for another year. During ​year two, I'm focused on building ​a community of Positivity People - This is why I've decided to open up the movement to people just like ​YOU. ​ 

During the first year of my #MPLchallenge, I learned a lot about myself and how harmful negativity can be. Through my ups, downs, ​struggles, and achievements I was able to clarify my life's purpose. Now I want YOU to do the same... to experience "aha moments" and ​BIG achievements!

​I would like to personally​ INVITE YOU​ TO JOIN ME ​in Making Positivity Louder!​

​​Sign Up Below!

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The Journey Begins In...


​Please enter your name and email below:


  • 1 x Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)
  • 1 x $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • ​1 x $10 Amazon Gift Card
Gypsy's Comment

​#MPLchallenge Benefits

  • ​Reduce negativity by learning ​tips, tricks, and hacks​ that will bring more positivity into your life.
  • Identify negative habits that are sabotaging your positivity and how to remove them.
  • ​Create a healthy and harmonious mindset, emotions, and a deep level of ​fulfillment.
  • plus
    ​​Reduce stress, anxiety, worry, and overwhelm.
  • plus
    ​​​Develop a power positivity mindset ​with the support of hundreds of positivity people.
Renee's Comment

​#MPLchallenge Tips and Suggestions

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    ​Opt-In using your email address to receive access to the 7-Day Make Positivity Louder Challenge. 
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    ​Once you opt-in, check your email (including spam/junk), and add my email address to your address book, so you don't miss any of the challenge links. (email address =
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    ​FOLLOW me on Instagram: @ozro.hepworth ( )
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    ​POST your ​positivity video/photo/text to Instagram EACH DAY of the challenge. (Note: Your profile must be public so I can see your posts.)
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    ​ALWAYS tag me (@ozro.hepworth) AND use the hashtags: #​MPLchallenge in your post copy.
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    ​I encourage your Instagram posts to be ​authentic for you. Remember, it's important to honor yourself as you go through this challenge. 

Join the Positivity ​Tribe

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Positivity People who have taken the challenge = 48/100

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