​Financial Strategies That Help You Secure Your Retirement and Save on Taxes

Exciting News

As of ​October1, 2017 I have taken a position at a financial services company. I'm extremely excited for this new chapter in my life. Due to this change, I'm going to be intentionally RE-BRANDING myself as a Financial Planner and eventually a Financial Advisor. 

Financial Planning Made Easy!

Financial Literacy: The ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.

Practically speaking, financial literacy is a life skill that very few people think about. It starts at the basic level of budgeting and living with-in one's means. Sadly, people rarely move beyond that level of understanding. Wealth management and securing one's financial future is key to IMPROVING your financial knowledge.  

Did anyone ever teach you about money, wealth management, and financial planning in college or at home? If you're lucky, you may have taken a check balancing class in high school, or an accounting class in college. For a majority of the US population, their financial literacy falls well short. You can equate it to reading at a first grade reading level.  

And people wonder why they can never get ahead...