Week IV – Statements of Truth

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  • says:

    Superb Content ! Thank you.

  • Kara M says:

    Catching up on the video:
    wins this week:
    1. Stepped out of my fear of not having enough $ and Bought my ticket to paris!
    2. Made a new friend and initiated a coffee date with her this week.

    1. I own my need to fix other peoples emotional difficultiesI own my need to retreat
    2. I own my desire to hustleI own my need to relax and take care of my body/mind
    3. I own my personal responsibilities i own my lack of ownership over my life.

    Thank you for consistently keeping our hearts and eyes open.

    • Ozro Hepworth says:

      Paris.. That’s exciting!!!

      Coffee dates are fun 🙂

      I want to acknowledge your willingness to be honest with yourself. Thank you for being open and willing to share AND you are most welcome!

  • Pen