Week II – Purpose of Confidence

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  • says:

    Thank you for the confidence everyone! Sending it back x1,000! Love the lesson Oz!

  • Brad A says:

    What are rest of the 5 reasons people have low self confidence spoken of at minute 1:01:02 besides, High expectations and judge and criticize ourselves?


    • Ozro Hepworth says:

      Good question. Here are the 5 Reasons People Lack Confidence:

      1) Excessive Expectations
      e.g. A dictator that demands more – fear to make mistakes – perfectionism.

      2) Harsh Self-Judgement
      e.g. “No one likes you. You suck. You’re stupid. You’re an imposter.”

      3) Pre Occupation with Fear
      e.g. Fear of failure, rejection, wasting your time, OR success.

      4) Lack of Experience
      e.g. Doing something new.

      5) Lack of Skill
      e.g. Need to have the ability to do something.

  • Brad A says:

    Wow Oz, take lessons to sing your hearts song…i love that, inspiring.

  • Pen