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Positive Failure

Failure can be a painful experience in the moment. Afterward, failure acts as a precursor to some of our greatest successes and times of personal growth. It’s the struggle that makes us stronger. Failure can be a positive thing when we choose to use it to our advantage.  

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Prompt: Failure and Self-Worth

“It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

- Bill Gates

Failure is an essential part of life. Failure shows us that we are trying. Failure provides us with an opportunity to learn a life lesson that no book can. When perceived from a particular point of view, failure can be a positive experience. 

How we relate to failure is an indicator of how we relate to our self-worth. If we fail at something and think, “I am a failure.” Then failure is crippling. On the other hand, if we fail at something and think, “I have not yet succeeded.” Then failure becomes a learning and growth opportunity. 

Over the past 21-days, we’ve probably experienced failure in one form or another. Over the past 21-days, we’ve journaled, visualized, affirmed, and shared our experiences. Today, we’re going to acknowledge and celebrate all we’ve done over the past 21-days. 

Today’s positivity prompt is about celebrating your worth! Celebrating all you’ve done, all you are, and all you will do to have a positive impact on the world

1. Journal / Reflect

Note: Today’s journaling is going to include the ‘Free Flow and Flame’ practice. Plus, the 'Jar of Awesome' practice. 

Prep Time: Make sure you have a lighter and your Jar of Awesome nearby. Then, take time to ground and center yourself. 

Free Flow and Flame practice:

  1. At the top of the paper or paper towel write, “My intention is to clear and release any outdated or harmful thoughts and beliefs related to FAILURE. I intend to establish a positive association with failure.”

  2. Set a 4-minute timer, take a deep breath, press start, and begin writing.  Write thought after thought, belief after belief. Let it flow, and flow, and flow. Poor out everything related to the concept of failure. Do NOT pause to analyze or judge.  

  3. Once the timer goes off, finish the last sentence, put the pen down, close your eyes, and breathe, breathe, and breathe again. Give space for your consciousness to fill the space you’ve cleared. Fill that space with positive possibilities.

  4. Remember, DO NOT READ what you wrote down. Crumble up the paper, step outside, and surrender all those blocks to the flame. 

  5. Take some time to sit with that process

Reflect and Acknowledge:

Before you start journaling, take some time to look back over the past 21-days. You can look back through your journal entries. You can watch some of the videos you posted. Take it all in, the positive lessons will catch hold in your mind and resonate. 

Next, give today’s journal entry a title that embodies the progress you’ve experienced during this boot camp.


Let this journal entry be a letter to yourself. A letter that your future self wrote after he accomplished the goal(s) of this boot camp. Tell the story of how the past 21-days helped you feel better about your life. Tell yourself how grateful and appreciative you are. Express the excitement in the win. Most importantly, acknowledge and affirm your self-worth! Add any other personal touches and sign it with all the positivity you can.

Celebrate Your Win: 

Make note of your favorite win and add it to your Jar of Awesome! 

2. Visualization

3. Affirmation

"Failure is a good friend. 

He's a sign that I am progressing.

He's a wise teacher and an encouraging friend. 

He lets me know thtat I should keep going because I have not yet succeeded. 

In doing so, I feel better and better about my life." 


Step 1: Record and Post

In today's positivity post, tell us what you've learn about yourself. Tell us what perceptions have changed. Tell us how you are going to make positivity louder in your daily life. Show us celebrating yoru wins!  

NOTE: WhatsApp has a 5-minute time limit on all videos.  

Step 2: Connect and Reflect

Set aside time to watch 2-3 videos and then offer a 1-2 minute video that connects and reflects with the video(s) you watched. 

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4 Lessons

Boot Camp Introduction

This section will go over all you need to know to ensure you get the most out of the boot camp. 


All you need to know to get the most out of the pOZitivity Boot Camp

7 Lessons

Week 1 - Foundation

Days 1-7 will focus on building a solid foundation of positivity. 

This week is about getting to know me, each other, and most importantly - yourself. This is important because it will give us a clear picture of where we're at, and establish common ground.

PBC: Day 1

Agree to Play Full Out

PBC: Day 2

Before Picture

PBC: Day 3

What You 'LIKE' and 'Don't Like'

PBC: Day 4

Express Your Needs, Wants, and Desires!

PBC: Day 5

Positive Possibilities

PBC: Day 6

Community and Support

PBC: Day 7

Note your progress.

PBC: Day 8

Choose bigger problems.

PBC: Day 9

Notice the positive things in life. 

PBC: Day 10

Increase the amount of positivity in your life. 

PBC: Day 11

Attract more positive people into your life. 

PBC: Day 12

Positive actions you want to keep, start and stop.