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eliminate self-Doubt AND more importantly - learn how to
boost your self-confidence


​"​Elite Confidence ​Formula"

A Master Program in Building Your Self-Confidence So, You Can ​Go Anywhere, Do Anything, and Communicate with Anyone with Full Confidence.

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​A Few Quick Questions:

  • Do you want to have the confidence in yourself to create a positive impact on the world? 
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    Do you want to learn how to silence the negative self-talk that destroys your self-​worth? 
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    Do you want to be connected to safe and welcoming people that support and encourage you in developing yourself? 

​If you answered 'YES' to one or more of the above questions, then you're in the right place!

Why This Program Is Unique

Elite Confidence ​Formula is a comprehensive master program designed to help you eliminate self-doubt, negative self-talk, and fear of failure and criticism. This master program boosts self-confidence and provides you with the maximum support need to help you build your self-worth.

​At the end of the program you can confidently walk into any room and comfortably talk to anyone - you will also level-up your ability to have a ​meaningful impact on the world. All this and more will lead you to having Improved relationships, better health, and more wealth.

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​Whats Inside
Elite Confidence ​Formula

  • 6 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions​. During these sessions we will learn why most of us lack confidence and how to eliminate self-doubt and self-sabotage; learn ​​how to change your internal self-talk and remove unseen blocks; learn easy and practical ways to build your confidence on a daily basis.​
  • Full Access to a library of audio and video recordings. Topics include: affirmations, practice ​scenarios, live coaching, and inspiration. Plus, recordings of the LIVE sessions for your review. All this is provided so that you can level-up at your own pace. 
  • plus
    Exercises and Templates to help  you design personalized affirmations that are unique to your current level of self-confidence. This is provided so that you are not left repeating generic affirmations.  
  • Lifetime Access to the Elite Confidence ​Formula community so you can practice the techniques you learn, share your struggles, and celebrate your wins. ​This element of the program will provide you with the community and continued support needed to maintain and ​boost your confidence for days to come.  

Tatian Swope

Relationship Coach

Prior to joining this confidence program, I was putting myself out there as a relationship coach, going to networking events, meeting new people, and become more seen on Facebook.

I decided to work with Ozro because I love his energy and his confidence! And I wanted to boost my confidence - During the program I felt a sense of community, Ozro's strong presence and support. 

I would highly recommend this confidence courage to my family and friends because I became more daring in my actions and gain great tools, that will support me with my confidence in the future. 

What I like about Ozro the most is his professionalism, the emails, the homework, great content, great practices during the live sessions, and he "shows up". 

I give him and his Confidence Formula a 10 / 10 because my own confidence score is now an 11 / 10 🙂

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​The Results of
Elite Confidence ​Formula

  • Be happy with yourself and truly love your uniqueness.
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    ​Have the ability to carry yourself in a manner that is not only receptive to others, but knowing that you have the ability and skills ​to do something ​meaningful.
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     Have the ability to overcome inner and outer challenges in a positive, confident, and powerful way.  ​
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    Have the ability to hold a conversation with someone you are not quite comfortable with, e.g. your boss, an executive, someone at a network gathering, or a member of the opposite sex.
  • ​Have the ability to find the balance between confidence and humility. 
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    ​Be introduced to other people in the program who will be working on similar things, struggling in similar ways, and offering support as needed. ​
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    Have the ability to comfortably reach out and ask for help with ease.

​​This ​Program ​IS For You:

  • ​If you are looking to connect with a supportive and like-minded group of people that will help hold you accountable to building your self-confidence.
  • ​If you want to start having your outer world meet the goals and desires of your inner world.
  • ​If you want to have confidence on a more regular basis, i.e. get off the roller-coaster ride of confidence and self-doubt.
  • check
     If you have been working on yourself and want to push yourself to the next level ​by having the ​camaraderie and support needed to really master your confidence. 

​This Program is NOT for You:

  • If you are ​currently enrolled in 2 or more programs.
  • ​If you are not willing to work ​to get the results.
  • ​If you are not willing to let go of habits and behaviors that no longer serve you.

"Elite Confidence Mastery"

Starts On:

August 4, 2018 @ 10:00 AM (PST)

  • ​6-weekly ​sessions through Zoom.
  • ​Weekly exercises and assignments are given before and after each ​session. 
  • ​Assignments are submitted through private Facebook group.
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     Plus more 🙂

​The  Opportunity to Boost Your Confidence

The Essentials

​This package has what you need to start eliminating self-doubt and provides you the methods to ​boost your self-confidence. ​

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    ​6 x Live Group Coaching Sessions ($900 value)
  • ​Full Access to Audio & Video Archive ($1500 value)
  • ​Life-Time Access to the Online Community ($1200 value)​

Total of $3600 Value

​1 payment of $447.00 (save $47)
​2 payments of ​$247.00

30-Day Money Back Guarantee (see below)


The 1st 10 Clients get These Bonuses

($800 value)

  • ​2 x Additional Live Group Coaching ​Sessions ($300 value)
  • plus
    ​​​2 x 1:1 ​25-minute Coaching Sessions ($200 value)
  • plus
    ​2 x Group challenges For Practice ($300 value)

The Essentials Package

1 payment of $447.00 (save $47)
2 payments of $247.00

($4400 Total Value)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee (see below)

The ​Custom Fit

​This ​package is for you if you need or prefer more of a one-to-one coaching experience and more personalized attention.  

  • check
    ​Everything Included in The Essentials Package ($3600 value)
  • ​​6 x 1:1 50-Min Coaching Session ($1200 value)
  • ​6 x 1:1 ​25-minute Role Playing Practice Session ($600​ value)​

Total of $5400 Value

​1 payment of $1447.00 (save $​47)
2 payments of $747.00

​30-Day Money Back Guarantee (see below)


​Th​​​e 1st 5 Clients get These Bonuses

($1000 value)

  • ​2 x Additional Live Group Coaching ​Sessions ($300 value) 
  • plus
    ​​​2 x Additional 1:1 ​50-minute Coaching Sessions​ ($400 value)
  • plus
    ​2 x Group challenges For Practice ($300 value)

The ​Custom Fit Package

1 payment of $1447.00 (save $47)
2 payments of $747.00

($6400 Total Value)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee (see below)

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30-Day 'No Questions Asked' Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by ​my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If, for any legitimate reason, you are not satisfied with the course​ over the next 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

Do you have any questions?
​Leave them in the comment section below 🙂