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My Passion Project

The #MakePositivityLouder Movement is my passion project. I create a positivity video everyday and post it to Instagram. Join the movement.

My Work

​I'm a social media consultant ​who helps business owners navigate the social media landscape, so they can increase their monthly revenue.

​A Bit About Ozro Hepworth

​Hello ​Positivity People - Feel free to call me Oz 🙂

I'm a curious student of life who's come to understand that my purpose, for the time being, is to make the world a better place by Making Positivity Louder. As a social media and digital marketing expert, I providing consulting services to those looking to use the internet to grow their business. ​I do this by helping business owners increase their monthly revenue. After all, helping someone make more money is a great way to make them more positive. 

​When I'm not helping others with their business, I'm focused my passion project: The Make Positivity Louder Movement​!

​I completed my  first 365-Day Make Positivity Louder Challenge on February 12, 2018, and decided to keep it going for another year. During season two, I'm focused on building the community of Positivity People. ​ ​

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men/women are afraid of the light.  - Plato​​​​
Ozro Hepworth

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