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College Students

​College students need to boos their self-confidence so they can get the job they want.


​Today, Millennials face constant critasism from the older generatiosns. For example, "Millennials are not loyal, Millennials expect too much, Millennials are lazy."


​One of the biggest things I've sturggled with as an entrepreneur is being "lonely". There has been many times when I've doubted myself due to failure after falure. ​

​What I Do

My Passion Project

​It all started with my 365-Day challenge to make a positivity video every day for a year. The goal of the movement is to help individuals develop a daily practice that will help them be more consistent, persistent, and positive. of positivity.

My Millennial Tribe

I'm the founder of "The Millennial Revolution". A ​mentorship program designed to offer millennials the support, understanding, and encouragement they need to live their best life ever!​

My Work

I'm the founder of a social media ​agency that helps business owners navigate the social media jungle, so they can effectively leverage their social media activities to increase their monthly revenue.

A Bit About Me

​Hello ​Positivity People

 As you may have noticed, my name is Ozro Hepworth - Feel free to call me Oz 🙂

I'm a student of this wild thing we call life. Over time I've come to understand that my purpose​ is to make the world a better place by Helping People Make ​Positivity Louder in Their Life. I've founded two companies to help me fulfill this purpose. The first one is a social media agency that helps business owners navigae the jungle of social ​media so they can increase their monthly revenue - Thus their POSITIVITY. The second company was founded to provided millennials lifestyle practices that will help them live their best life ever - Thus Making Positivity Louder 🙂

​When I'm not helping others with their business and personal development, I'm focused on my passion project: The Make Positivity Louder Movement​!

​To date, I have completed my  first 365-Day Make Positivity Louder Challenge on February 12, 2018. This daily practice has become a part of my lifestyle, so I've continued the challenge into season two. ​For the second season, I'm focused on building the Positivity Tribe!  ​

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men/women are afraid of the light."  - Plato​​​​
Ozro Hepworth

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