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Who I Work With

College Students

I choose to work with college students because research shows that the younger one develop self-confidence, the better off one will be in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships.


I love working with Millennials because they face constant criticism from the older guard, i.e. the older generations. Such critics say, "Millennials are not loyal, they expect too much, and do not want to work hard." With such supportive feedback, it's no wonder Millennials struggle with confidence. 


I've been an entrepreneur for years now and know the hustle, struggle, and loneliness that can come with carve your own path. I how how crushing business failures can be. I also know, from first hand experience, how devastating it constant struggle can be on one's self-confidence. 

​What I Do

My Passion Project

It  all started when I lost $20,000+​ dollars and found myself in a deep depression. Then a 365-Day challenge to make a positivity video every day for a year. Now, the goal of the movement is to help individuals develop a daily practice that will help them be more consistent, persistent, and positive. of positivity.

My Work

Over the last 10+ years I've been on the ​roller coaster ride of failure and success - like some entrepreneurs experience until they find their unique calling. For me, that calling turned out to be "Confidence Coaching". Now, clients hire me to help them be more confident, so they can step fulling into their purpose and live their passion.

​A Bit About Me

​Hello ​Positivity People,

 As you may have noticed, my name is Ozro Hepworth - Feel free to call me Oz 🙂

I consider myself to be a student of this wild thing we call life. Over time I've come to understand that my purpose​ is to make the world a better place by Helping Millennials be more confident, so they can step into their purpose. I'm the founded of the Make Positivity Louder Movement (MPLM), as well as the being the #1 Confidence Coach for Millennials. ​

The MPLM was born out of my darkest days. It was my way of bribing myself out of a keep depression that eventually led to thoughts of suicide and giving up on it all. ​After completing over 400 positivity videos and getting myself into a much better place, I found the confidence to admit to myself that I can truly help others to change their lives. So was born my Confidence Coaching Business.

​When I'm not helping others build their confidence in the area of business, relationships, and self expression, ​I'm focused on my passion project: The Make Positivity Louder Movement​.​

Ozro Hepworth

​To date, I have completed my  first 365-Day Make Positivity Louder Challenge on February 12, 2018. This daily practice has become a part of my lifestyle, so I've continued the challenge into season two. ​For the second season, I'm focused on building a Positive Tribe of Confident Millennials. 

​​"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men/women are afraid of the light."  - Plato​​​​

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